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Our History:

Fox Family Picture [80's)

Once upon a time there were three little pigs, bears, no, actually, I think there were eight and they called themselves, "The Brady Bunch" or was it "Eight Is Enough?". . . . It is appropriate to begin this story as if it were a fairy tale or television series, because even as I jot this down, it's surreal to me, it doesn't seem possible.

The Fox Family ministry began in 1982. Little did they know that God would take three children, singing specials in Sunday School, and develop a family ministry that is now over 20 years old.


Paul, Debra and John, (the first, second and third born Fox children) began singing specials at their Christian School as well as in Sunday School at their home church in Central Florida.

Summer 1981

When their third child, John was born, he had a hole in his heart about the size of a quarter. His father, being a doctor himself, felt that he could use his knowledge and contacts to correct his son's health issue. After years of doctor appointments and research, Patti, Paul's wife, felt strongly that open heart surgery was the only option that they had. As was normal for Paul, he set out again on a search to find the best heart surgeon in the country, and he found Dr. Denton Cooley - a renowned heart specialist in Houston, Texas. They made plans to go to Houston and surgery was scheduled in August of 1981. Through this trial and a series of events, God began to open the spiritual eyes of Paul and Patti.

Fall 1981

Dr. Paul, feeling that society was having a negative impact on Christian family values, decided to build a farm out in a rural, country area, and transplant his family there. His idea was not only to shelter his family, but the farm would also act as a tax shelter for his successful Chiropractic practice. Well, that was his plan. He soon found out that this farm would be more than just a tax shelter; it would require just about all of the time and resources that he had accumulated. Little did he know that God was already at work, preparing the family for a life of full time ministry. Paul, the first born son, began driving and working on large diesel farm equipment. All of the children were now home schooled, in part because John could not return to a normal school schedule so soon after his surgery. The children went to school and helped run the 200 plus Jersey cow, dairy farm, learning to work with each other as a team.

Summer 1982

Shortly after moving and establishing themselves on the farm, the Fox Family began searching for a new home church. They did not want to part from their home church of 6 years, but since it was a 120 mile round trip drive now, and wanting to be more active, they knew God was leading them to find a church closer to their new home. It did not take the kids long to become involved in a very small, country church near their farm. During their first Vacation Bible School there, Paul brought along his guitar. Instead of playing with the other kids at recess, Paul played the guitar while Debra, John, and Trisha sang for the joy of it. After being overheard by some of the teachers, they were asked to consider singing for the church Homecoming service, to which, without any thought, they said, yes! They asked their father if he would agree to play the piano for them. Having been a long time gospel quartet lover and in a young men's quartet as a teenager, their father thought this would be a fun thing to do, so he agreed to do it. Even though he could only play chords in the key of C, he helped the children prepare for the Homecoming service.

Fall 1982

The Homecoming service was as successful as it could be for a Dad and his kids who had no musical training, and didn't really know what they were doing. They thought that it would be the last Homecoming they would ever be asked to do. Again, God had other plans! Mrs. Una Hasler, a long time friend of the family and member of their former home church, had heard about the Homecoming service. She called Paul at his office one day and asked him to consider having the family sing at one of the "Saturday Night Singings" they had at her church. This was not just a "fun" thing anymore, it was serious because this was a fairly large church, and Paul felt completely out of his element. He explained this to Mrs. Hasler and thought that she understood. Mrs. Hasler began praying for Paul and continued calling; countless times she called him. She never gave up, and one day, Paul finally said yes. Paul came home from his office one evening and told the family what he had agreed to do. The family had the same reaction that Paul did when Mrs. Hasler first asked him. They did not feel ready to sing in such a large setting. In a frantic hurry, Paul and the kids began to work on more songs to sing. During the singing service, God began to move in a special way. Looking back, it seemed as if God shut the ears of the people and allowed them to hear with their hearts. This was the beginning of the Fox Family Ministry. It was a time of testing. Shortly after beginning ministry work, Trisha, the 4th born child, became ill and went into a diabetic coma. She was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 2 years old. She was placed in Intensive Care and her condition was listed as "grave." A prayer chain began immediately as Mrs. Hasler and the rest of the friends of the family began to make calls and lift up Trisha in prayer. Within 24 hours, Trisha "woke up," astounding the doctors and prompting them to give her a "miracle kid" cap when she was released the next day.


By 1983, Paul and the kids were singing more and more. The New Life Singers and The Gospel Express had taken the family under their wings and often shared their stage with them. "The help of these groups in the early days of our ministry were invaluable. We are so grateful for the Christ-like examples they were to us", said the family.

Spring 1984

Their former pastor, Gene Keith, had been encouraging Patti to join in singing with the rest of the family. Patti had more stage fright than even Paul and the kids combined. She was content making their singing outfits, helping to keep them organized, and just being a full time mother and wife - supporting the family. A few weeks before Easter of 1984, Pastor Litzell, their new pastor, told Patti that she should join the family in singing for the Easter Sunrise service, at the shore of George's Lake. He told Patti that she need not be nervous about singing in front of people, since the sun would just be rising, and it would still be dark outside. Patti reluctantly said that she would, and was she ever in for a surprise! By the time they began to sing, the sun had fully risen. In spite of her fears, Patti joined the family ministry from that day forward.

Summer 1984

Traveling On  [Album Cover]

Album Cover: Traveling On

Paul and the kids had already begun recording an album, but now that Patti was singing with the family, they went back and started over again. Their first album, "Traveling On" was completed in the Summer of 1984.

Millionaires  [Album Cover]

Album Cover: Millionaires

Summer 1985

By the Summer of 1985, the family was traveling extensively, even as far north as New Jersey. Traveling to anywhere from Florida took many hours and lots of fuel! They had purchased a European Model 04 Belgian Eagle bus, which with the help of their friend, Mr. Albert Jones, was converted into a bunk-bed bus. This made trips easier on the family and they could stay out for longer periods of time. This was great for the ministry, but it was reeking havoc on Paul's practice and their farm. The farm had always lost money since its inception, but Paul's practice had always been able to keep things going.

Paul began to debate in his mind, the time this ministry was taking from his practice. He was only able to get into his office one or two days a month at this point in their ministry. One day he commented that, "This ministry is getting in the way of my practice", to which one of the children replied, "Maybe it is the practice that is getting in the way of the ministry." That statement struck a chord in Paul's heart, and after praying about it, he decided to turn over his practice to his partner and brother-in-law, and devote all of his time to the ministry.

Fall 1985

Fox Family Picture

In November of 1985, Paul turned over the farm to the previous property owners, and moved the family to Tennessee. Here they would be more centrally located, and in a better place to travel from. They found a home in-between Nashville and Knoxville, which was a miracle in itself. The family had no money in savings, and no way to make a down payment on a home. They had their unusual European model bus, which they had paid $9,000 for, as well as their personal belongings, but that's about it. As strange as it sounds, they made an offer to take over payments on that house, to which the realtor replied, "They will never accept this." A few days later, the owners accepted their offer.

It was shortly after their move that they met Greg Alexander. He began to work with the family, teaching them new harmony arrangements, working with the band, and incorporating some of the songs he had written over the years. His writing was ministry-minded, and was a perfect addition to their ministry. He made a big impact on the entire family, even traveling with them on occasion. He also produced several of their recording projects; Celebration, Praisin' Him, and the single, God Bless America Again. Greg went on to work with other groups in the years since, but remains a friend to the family.


Fox Family Picture

Traveling more and more, the Fox Family rarely returned to the house in Tennessee. Their European model bus had broken down for the last time, and since parts were so rare and expensive, they were forced to find a different bus. It turned out that the bus sale/repair center (where their bus was towed) had an older American model Eagle bus sitting on the lot. They were able to work out a financial arrangement which allowed them to use that bus while making payments. It soon became clear though, that they could not afford to continue in full time ministry on a financial faith basis, as well as make bus and house payments. The choices were clear, begin charging for their ministry service, give up the ministry, or give up their home and lose the money that they had paid into it. They chose to continue by faith in full time ministry, and so they turned over the house back to the original owners, now only having a bus to live in. One month later, Joy, the ninth member of the Fox Family was born in Little Rock, AR. Two days later she was being held on stage in the Sunday morning service the family was ministering in.


Praisin' Him  [Album Cover]

Album Cover: Praisin' Him


In 1989, John and Debra began writing new music. Soon the bulk of the music they were performing would be songs they had written. "New Direction" was the first recording featuring their songs.

New Direction  [Album Cover]

Album Cover: New Direction

Also in 1989, Paul was married to Joanne Wright of Pendleton, Indiana.


Heritage  [Album Cover]

Album Cover: Heritage


In the Fall of 1992, tragedy would strike. In August, Patti had seen a doctor about a lump in her breast. The test results came back showing it was a benign tumor. She was told not to worry about it, and sent on her way. By the end of September the lump had grown large and painful. After a service at the Church of the Nazarene in Winnsboro, SC., feeling concerned, they asked their pastoral friends, Jay and Faye Smith to please pray about what should be done. Faye, feeling impressed of the Lord, called to let them know that Patti needed to be seen right away. She was so impressed of God that she made arrangements for Patti to be seen by a doctor in that area, and asked that the family return to their church, so they could provide transportation to get Patti to the doctor. She was seen the following Friday. The results, cancer! Surgery was scheduled for Monday, just three days later. While things seemed bleak, the Lord was still at work - working to provide for the needs of the Fox Family. They did not (and still do not) have any health insurance, and while the surgeon agreed to wave his fees, the hospital wanted cash before they would allow Patti to be operated on. On Saturday, an envelope arrived in the church mail addressed in pencil to the Fox Family. Thinking it was a child's letter, the envelope was given to one of the younger children. In the envelope was a bank check for $8,000.00, given anonymously. Thanks to the moving of God, Patti's hospital stay was provided for!

The Smith's offered to let the family minister again to their church the Sunday morning before the surgery. The family agreed to do it. Because of the unique circumstances, the family quickly learned an old favorite, "Just Keep Praising Him" which they sang that morning. While they did not yet know it, it would become a theme over the next year.

The family gathered in the small, old sanctuary (that no longer stands today) and knelt around the altars there on the cold, gloomy Monday morning of October 3, 1992. Joining them was their aunt, Sally Kingsbury, who lived a couple of hours away in North Carolina. Praying for God to guide the surgeon's hands, and that God would take care of Patti, the family poured out their hearts before the Lord.

Gathered in a small waiting room, the family waited and prayed. They were joined by some of the church family from the Winnsboro Church of the Nazarene as well as a pastor from the Rock Hill Church of the Nazarene, Bill Ulmet. They filled up the whole room!

The family was hopeful as the surgeon entered the waiting room. He told them the surgery had gone well and that Patti was in recovery and doing fine. But something wasn't right... the surgeon looked around at all the kids and said to Paul, "Are these all your children?" When Paul said, "yes", tears filled the surgeons eyes. He told them he was sorry, but that he could not remove all of the cancer, that it had spread throughout her lymph system. It was shocking news! They had expected that the lump would be removed and Patti would be fine. It was a devastating blow to the family to hear she was given no hope for survival. Debra said, "I remember sitting there in the waiting room holding Joy on my lap. Her 5th birthday was just over a week away. I couldn't help but wonder if I would be the one to raise her instead of my Mother. It seemed unbelievable that this was really happening." But it was happening. The doctor said they would do their best to extend Patti's life, but, in his words, there was no hope.

They moved the family to a new waiting room, closer to where they would soon be able to see Patti, and it was there they gathered together in a circle to pray. As the prayer closed, their aunt, Sally, began to lead them in song. Praise God from whom all blessings flow... praise Him all creatures here below... praise Him above ye heavenly hosts... praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost Amen. There it was - the resolve to praise Him for who He was in spite of the circumstances. The song they had sung the day before, seemed even more perfect than before. In truth, they just kept praising Him through the tears, through the pain, they just kept praising Him.

Patti Fox - Joy Fox

Patti with Joy, in the beginning stages of chemotherapy - Christmas at Winnsboro Church of the Nazarene

Chemotherapy treatments soon began. The Winnsboro Church of the Nazarene told the Foxes to stay there on the church property in their buses and make the church their home for as long as they needed to. They provided a van for them to get Patti to and from her chemo treatments. "The church really took us in," said Paul. "People would just stop by from time to time, knocking on the bus door. They brought us food, brought us money, and left notes of encouragement. They prayed for us. When Christmas came, they even brought us all gifts! Simply put, they loved us. I don't know what we would have done without their love and support. They will forever have a special place in our hearts."


The 1993 ministry schedule for the Fox Family had to be cancelled due to Patti's chemotherapy treatments. However, as they were able, they began to minister on weekends once Patti was no longer as violently ill from the chemo treatments. God began to open up doors, and their ministry seemed even more powerful than ever. God blessed them as they continued to praise Him, and many lives were changed by witnessing their devotion to God in the midst of personal tragedy.

By the middle of 1993, Patti began daily radiation treatments. Because of the distance and fuel it took to get the daily radiation, West Columbia Church of the Nazarene, offered to let the Foxes come and stay on their property. From there it was a short drive to the Cancer Institute. They too, provided a van for the family to use. What a blessing these churches were to the family. They remain deeply touched by the love these churches showed them during this hard time in their lives. Many friendships were made and are treasured to this day by the family.

Patti had already lost all of her hair back in December of 1992, but now that the chemo had stopped, even though she was still going through radiation, her hair began to grow back again. She was released from all treatments and was told to come back in 3 months for a check up.


By 1994 she was ready to take another group, promotional picture with hair just long enough to cover her ears. With her treatments complete, the family was ready to get back on the road again, routing their schedule to come back for Patti's check ups. Soon the 3 month check-ups turned to 6 month check-ups. God continued to keep His hand on Patti's life, and her health remained good.

The Fox Family Poster


The Fox Family Picture


The Fox Family Picture


Trisha was married in 2004 to Kelvin Keisler of Columbia, South Carolina.

2005 - 2009

From 2005 through 2009, we experienced some of our best and worst times together. We saw the hand of God at work in so many lives that we were blessed to be able to come into contact with.

Kelvin and Trisha brought a new life into our family with a baby boy in 2007. Mom faced another battle with cancer in 2007 (two different types of breast cancer than her first occurrence), but God was faithful as He always is and in 2009, she was again tested cancer free.


Album Cover: Pillars of Worship and Praise

2010- 2013

In 2010 Pattie's step mother who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's disease, started a quick downward spiral that would eventually lead us to one of our biggest challenges.

A year after Pattie's mother (Georgia Tudor), lost her battle with cancer in 1999, Claude Tudor (Pattie's father) came back into contact with a high school sweetheart, Helen, who had also lost her spouse. Shortly thereafter, they married and happily resided in South Florida. In 2005, Helen started showing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and by 2007, Claude realized that he could no longer manage her care on his own. With Pattie having to take extended time away from the ministry to help with the care of her step-mother, and eventually needing additional help for her continued care, Paul felt that it was necessary to retire from the road and support Pattie in the care of her parents.

Having lived on the road full time for so many years, and having to move Pattie's parents, putting together the logistics and resources for this transitional move was quite an undertaking. They now reside in South Carolina, within a short drive to Pattie's doctor. Pattie continues to get cancer free health reports. Pattie's Dad also was diagnosed with cancer and began 2012 by starting chemotherpy treatments for stage 4 cancer at the age of 91. He and Mom have the same oncologist and chemotherapy nurses, which has been a blessing. Pattie's Dad, Claude, has also been cancer free since 2013. He and Pattie often have check ups scheduled at the same time, and so far, they are both remaining cancer free. God has been so very good!

Though Helen is 94 years old and can no longer care for herself in any way, Paul and Pattie give constant care to her and she is still in relatively good health, considering the circumstances.

Paul (the eldest child) and his family have also retired from the road and are now involved in a local church ministry.

...And that leaves you remember what our Lord did with the five loaves of bread? We look forward to 2014.


Since 1982, the past 32 years have been full of trials and blessings for the Fox Family. God has removed some of the things that most people think that they must have to live, but He has supplied everything that they need to answer His call to full time ministry.

Five of the Fox Family siblings, Debra, John, Jared, Jacob and Joy have returned to their music ministry as The Fox Five. Please pray for us as we transition back to full time music ministry, that God would be glorified in all that we do.

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